These Abhorrent Lows

by Radio Wire Empire

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I got an organ. This abortion is more or less just a free-form doodle inspired from tinkering around with it.

My production skills have been waning, clearly.
Too much time spent writing rather than recording lately. So, turn the son of a bitch up real loud or use good headphones.

So let's just use this as a messy placeholder of sorts until I get Songs For Dismemberment rolling towards completion.

(and no, i haven't actually only read just half of the book so shush)


i'm vain enough to believe sometimes i'm the only man

who dreams of space
and that although i've only read half of the old man and the sea,

i still think 12 dollars is too much to pay
to be spoken to like a child by Hemingway
and who am i to really speak at all
i'm only just a man by age and age alone
writing only this much is enough to desire
a shotgun to the head
does that make me better or worse
than that long dead man
or maybe we're both just as immature
writhing about in small bursts on a page
on a tape
on a disc
but on wax only in dreams

john paul jones
would shudder in disgust at this fucking
abhorrent low end

bonzo would cry
to hear this drum machine
but maybe i still have a shot to make
robert proud

and jimmy, i don't much care what you think
at all

losing touch and the feeling

but the heart's still beating
the want is at a 10 the drive is at a 5
how to get back in the game i was never really in
and convince them i'm alive

i've got no strength to try
anything of substance

i'll just bitch and cry about everyone and everything further

along than me
so i'll talk about you,
i'll talk down
oh i'll talk you into the ground

in my head, your success is dead
mine is just barely alive

an oxygen tank of arsenic and dopamine

like abe vigoda on a good day, eating hospital rice
and watching myself on tv, a sitcom that nobody saw
and nobody missed
like a starlet whose limelight just passed away
to a dimmer shade of grey, and now she's doing broadway
but no one goes to plays these days and no one cares
it's not their life that's gone amiss
it's just something to read about, sitting on the toilet

we're all bullshit
i am full of it
but i'm not sweeping it under the rug


released May 2, 2012
Maggie Spear, thanks for the bitchin' artwork that you forgot you did

Aaron, for playing the trumpet part that I may have possibly messed up a little bit in post-production

Robert, for reading a little excerpt from his poem 'Science' for me

thrift store books and vhs tapes, for being cheap as shit

Abe Vigoda, for being alive



all rights reserved


Radio Wire Empire Michigan

"Radio Wire Empire. Sort of like Passion Pit meets a band that can write more than one good song." -

"What do you get when folk music gets drunk, and inadvertently confuses Shoegazey Ambient Electronica for it's normal fuck buddy, rock music, booty calls SAE at two in the morning, forgets to wear a condom, and gets SAE pregnant?
You get Radio Wire Empire." - Tramps Upstairs
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