The Arrogation of Utu; Lore Lay and Her Song to the Sonne

by Radio Wire Empire

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pre-Color & Colour instrumental.
could never decide what to do with it.
almost put it on the last EP, but it seemed too far out of place.

consider this the first single "b-side" to the EP.
It's a messy experiment with a different sound.


released May 21, 2011

Lyric credit - Robert Annis



all rights reserved


Radio Wire Empire Michigan

"Radio Wire Empire. Sort of like Passion Pit meets a band that can write more than one good song." -

"What do you get when folk music gets drunk, and inadvertently confuses Shoegazey Ambient Electronica for it's normal fuck buddy, rock music, booty calls SAE at two in the morning, forgets to wear a condom, and gets SAE pregnant?
You get Radio Wire Empire." - Tramps Upstairs
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Track Name: The Arrogation of Utu; Lore Lay and Her Song to the Sonne
Recitation from a restful sleep;

Broken from a perfect dream

And it’s floating like a balloon

That’s leap'd away, taken in by the wind,

and leaving more every time I blink.

The rapid eye world is built

From everything I can remember and forgot

And it hides me while I sleep,

Protects me in a dream like a drug;

It breaks apart my broken reality.

I don’t want to see the sun

Unless I drew the star myself,

Stoked its flames,

and blew it out to make night.

I just wanted to be god a little longer.

every time I blink
....& the Sun returns
and it hurts