Film Music For A Hangover

by Radio Wire Empire

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    released 22 February 2011

    hazy days, you know?

    I'm not sure what drove me to create this particular EP, it's for sure the odd man out in terms of my music under the RWE moniker.

    Instrumental? Minimalist glitch? This ain't RWE. This is a joke.

    Everything is a joke.




released January 1, 1991




Radio Wire Empire Michigan

"Radio Wire Empire. Sort of like Passion Pit meets a band that can write more than one good song." -

"What do you get when folk music gets drunk, and inadvertently confuses Shoegazey Ambient Electronica for it's normal fuck buddy, rock music, booty calls SAE at two in the morning, forgets to wear a condom, and gets SAE pregnant?
You get Radio Wire Empire." - Tramps Upstairs
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